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Dedicated To The Freedom Of The Syrian People.

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This nation is dedicated to the freedom of the Syrian people from the vicious and merciless regime of Bashar al-Assad and ISIS. It is dedicated to ending the crimes against humanity occurring in Syria. It is dedicated to every man, woman, and child in Syria struggling for basic human rights, the right to live, the right to liberty, and the right to dignity. It is dedicated to activism of the Free Syria cause. Please Show You Stand With The Syrian People And Stand Up For Human Rights By Joining.

There Is Only 5 Bylaws In This Nation:
1. Respect The Humanity In Others
2. Be A Supporter of The Syrian People
3. Try To Keep Articles Posted, Seeded, and Clipped Somewhat On Topic
4. Obey The Code of Honor and User Agreement On Newsvine
5. Participate In The Nation At Least Occasionally